Bespoke Health and Safety   offer below Temporary works course remotely at our training centre on request minimum delegate numbers of 5 are required for a remote course

  • Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course (TWSTS) £315
  • Temporary works Coordinator  Training course (TWCTC) £450
  • Temporary works Coordinator  Training refresher course (TWCTC-R) £275

Temporary Works Supervisor Training

Course (TWSTS) £315

Course Overview

This 1-day course will provide you with thorough knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Supervisor, including a sound understanding of the risk management of temporary works.

Course content

  • Risk management of temporary works – safety and business related
  • The importance of the ‘4Cs’ communications, co-operation, co-ordination and competency in managing temporary works as a Temporary Works Supervisor
  • Legal duties
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Temporary Works Supervisor
  • The role of other temporary work process
  • An understanding of the relevant aspects of BS 5975.

Teaching and assessment

  • 1 day of training: you must attend the full 7.5 hours
  • Examination at the end of the day: multiple choice test. You need to pass this to gain your certificate.

Qualifications you gain

  • CITB TWSTC 5 year Site Safety Plus certificate

It is suitable for people with experience of being responsible for temporary works  

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Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training

Course (TWCTC) £450  and refresher

(TWCTC-R) £275 

The two-day Temporary works co-ordinator training course (TWCTC) and one-day refresher course (TWCTC-R) are designed to help those who have responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works on site. The course seeks to improve the knowledge of this role and the temporary works environment


The development of these courses was supported by a number of organisations: including the Temporary Works Forum and the Health and Safety Executive. Temporary works are safety- and business-critical and require careful co-ordination. An accepted way of achieving this is through the adoption of the management process outlined in BS 5975:2019, which introduces the temporary works co-ordinator (TWC) as a key figure. This course explains the role and its overall management context. Temporary works on both smaller and larger sites can be high risk activities. Therefore, understanding the essentials of good risk and safety management, as outlined in BS 5975:2019, is relevant for projects of all sizes. The course gives emphasis throughout to the importance of communication, co-ordination, co-operation and competency (the ‘4Cs’), risk management, safety and business relations, allowing the (TWC) to:

  • understand the need for and duties of a temporary works co-ordinator
  • understand the role of others
  • have a detailed knowledge and understanding of BS 5975 in respect of this role.

Certification for these courses are valid for 5 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to retake the course before the expiry date.

Eligibility to attend TWCTC-R

Only learners who have completed TWCTC or the TWCTC refresher in the last five years are eligible to attend

if you have more than five delegates and would like a course undertaken remotely please click book now and fill in booking form and we will contact you

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